What We Do

There are is no one size fits all in the collection process, each company is faced with different challenges before they can achieve a maximum recovery. That's where we help! We go above the basic collection process to establish the best results for our clients. All services are based off contingency of the recovery. We have no hidden cost, monthly service charges, nor set up fees.

Basic Services


  • We will accommodate to each client’s distinct needs

  • Provide custom reports

  • Free reporting to Credit Bureau

  • Free skip tracing on accounts with bad addresses or phone numbers

  • Every account is individually worked by an experienced account representative

  • There is no automated calling

  • Letters and calls will be attempted no matter the balance size

  • Insurance follow up and appeals will be done

  • We will file insurance appeals even to the third level

  • We follow the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act), (FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act), and HIPAA to protect not just our clients, but ARC too

Practice Areas
  • Early out

  • Bad Debt

  • Insurance Follow-ups

  • Commercial

  • Gym Memberships

  • Utilities