Accounts Receivable Consultants takes pride in its vast knowledge of the revenue cycles for various industries. Our account managers are distinctly trained in their assigned client’s industry and specific procedures.


*Please take note ALL accounts placed with ARC will be handled exclusively in our office. We DO NOT out source any information or accounts to a third party or Subcontractor


*All accounts are manually worked, and we Do NOT use any Automated calling


Medical Clients


Our medical providers can be assured that their accounts are being handled by qualified representatives trained in the FDCPA and HIPAA. ARC representatives are trained to work one on one with the patients till the balance is resolved, and notice if there is potential insurance money that can be pursued to help the patients. Our insurance collectors are trained on understanding the patients’ benefits and maximize the recovery of monies. We can explain to the patients their benefits and why the remaining balance is their responsibility. This makes it easy for us to increase your revenue.



Our utility providers are faced with many challenges once their customers have defaulted on their accounts. Majority are faced with bad contact information. That’s where ARC comes in handy; we can skip trace accounts to locate the most current mailing address and phone numbers for the customers. Once contact is made we will pursue for the balance but if unable to resolve we will report the account as a bad debt on the credit bureaus. 

Gym Memberships


Our Gym clients’ find that ARC staff is fully prepared to enforce the contracts their members signed and work out arrangements to even get them back to using their memberships once it’s current. We are capable of adding in any collection fees allowable by the member’s contract.  We tailor our collection process to fit the contract in place.