Since opening, ARC has been focused on building a strategy our clients can grow on.

ARC has been helping diverse clients all over the U.S. recover the most from their A/R for over 20 years.  Our commitment to our clients, expertise with accounts receivables, and the means to achieve the goals makes us a reliable partner. We provide a sound relationship with each of our clients that goes beyond just a basic vendor. We make it a personal goal to help our clients maximize their account receivables, and diminish frustrations. Whether we are assisting in a total restructure of your revenue cycle or cleaning up the aged accounts, we mold our process to fill our clients’ needs. 


The technology we use is unsurpassed but our experience in handling A/R is what  makes us the best. We have assisted numerous industries in overcoming the difficult task of maximizing  their A/R. When you are familiar with your clients business you know the paths that are going to be the most profitable course for your clients. We make your A/R our top priority, while staying FDCPA & HIPAA compliant.


Besides providing great collection strategies we know our clients' needs for excellent client services. We understand that you have your own style of handling your A/R, so we tailor our collection process to fit your office’s needs. Our client service department is always at hand to assist our clients.